Stockforsa Invest


Stockforsa Invest was founded in 1997. The Group has its origins in the family-owned company CEPA, which started already in 1946 under the name of B. Håkansson Metalltryckeri. Stockforsa Invest is still in the family, with L-G Håkansson as owner. The third Håkansson generation is also active within the Group. Today, the Group consists of both specialised and traditional activities, with good future prospects as the common denominator. The sectors are differentiated with regard to economic cycles so as to maintain overall long-term stability. The business concept is also based on actively creating growth – both  organically and through new acquisitions. The most recent establishment occurred in 2015 when the group acquired three new dental technology laboratories and Gästis in Höör. 2016 Stockforsa Invest had a turnover of 482 million Swedish crowns and 531 employees.