Tic – Tandteknik i Centrum

Tic – Tandteknik i Centrum AB – is the Nordic region’s and one of Europe’s largest dental-technical laboratories. Tic AB is a full-service laboratory that produces and sells all forms of dental devices – from simple temporary dentures to advanced implants. The company is leader with regard to technical developments within the choice of materials and production technology. Tic AB was established in May 2009 and has achieved strong growth both organically and through acquisitions. Both the company name Tic AB’s and the well-known brand DPnova are used. During 2015 the group has acquired Holm Dental AB in Stockholm which will be integrated in the Stockholm laboratory. The group has also strengthen the business with Dental Design Helsingborg AB which in turn has acquired Carisma Dentalteknik AB in Helsingborg which will continue to work with the brand Dental Design.